Who is Max Buzz?

Max Buzz was formed at the beginning of 1999 by a bunch of licensing and designing specialists. Each member has years of experiences in marketing the international licensing properties and in other international business in Japan, UK and USA.

The rationale behind the foundation of Max Buzz was quite simple. All of us was fed up with the way brands and characters are managed by so called “Japanese licensing specialists”, who we used to associate with. We have witnessed too many times such licensing specialists only chasing after short term windfalls, disrespecting the originality of brands and characters or its longevity, pursuing some cryptic activities behind license owners, etc. We felt frustrated that they never seem to learn or improve such bad habits and came to realise that those people are simply not capable of comprehending what the quality licensing business means in the first place.

pic_g020More to point, we all felt that if those “specialists” can run the licensing business, why not us? But only differently.

Max Buzz is not a gigantic enterprise, but that is okay because we feel we can yet deliver the same result.

Max Buzz is unknown, but that is okay because we feel our works should be known and recognised by public than our corporate name.

Max Buzz is small, but that is okay because we feel we are sufficiently armed with experience and enthusiasm.

Max Buzz values people, because at the end of the day, no rich or poor businessmen can be happy without supporters, friends or family.

That’s Max Buzz. We are open and flexible, yet we have no hidden formula or a miracle to offer you. What you see is what you get. If you could not see us with your eyes, see us with your heart through our best endeavored efforts and services.


Corporate Information

tfile_pic25Corporate Name: Max Buzz Inc.

Main Office: Tokyo, Japan

Established: January, 1999

Incorporated: October, 2003

Financial closing: September

Capital: 3,000,000 JPY