Just a brief list of our business experience and expertise.

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Merchandising License Business

Licensing Management

  • We have a number of experiences in managing the international licensing properties in Japan as a licensing agent/partner under the representative agreement with BBC World, MGA Entertainment, World Conservation Society, Bronte Society, Ace Cafe London, etc.
  • We can represent any licensing properties regardless of business size or visibility if your groove matches with ours.

Designing and producing the licensed merchandise

  • We have been both a lisensor (as a agent) and a licensee. As a licensee, we have produced many licensing merchandise out of movies and TV programs, and also for artists.


Import/Export Business

  • Much experience particularly in overall football related products. We have a direct account with many suppliers, football brands/clubs and dealers mainly in Europe. We only handle official goods.
  • We also import a variety of products such as gifts, household items, stationery, toys, fashion, interiors, character goods, etc. from mainly from Europe and the USA. We sell them through amazon.jp and our online shopping site, “Mix Buzz”.
  • We can export the Japanese products to overseas. We will try to find any bona fide products from Japan for importation no matter how small or large.


 International Business Consulting

  • We mediate between Japan and world. If you have a plan to market your brands/characters/products in Japan but do not know anybody in Japan, we may be able to help and assist you.